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Food Tradition

Food is one that could not be abandoned when we talk about one country. It is one that makes a place is known and tourists who go there look for it. Food is one that can vary from country to country and that makes it interesting so we could try other types of food other than the ones we used to. In the European countries, they also have their own food to boasts. Lets us look at some of them.

In the Lisbon part, there` you can find the various desserts. They are overflowing during the holiday season as people fall in line patiently so they could buy them.  One of the common is the bolo rei that could be found anywhere.

In the country of Prague their you could find the traditionally fried carp that is usually bought to be served at the meals on Christmas Eve. It was a tradition to buy the live carps and then let them have time with the water until they were cooked.

In the country of Brussels, you can also find the speculoos which is a biscuit that is made from the brown sugar together with cinnamon, They eat it any time of the year but it was traditionally associated with the feast celebrated in December.

Moscow has the tradition of having the salad that is a Russian style.  It is called Stolichniy salad which is made of eggs, ham, potatoes, other vegetables, and mayonnaise.

If you visit in Berlin then you can find the pancakes that are called by the locals as pfannkuchen but it is also called a Berliner. They are eaten at parties during New Year’s Eve but they are also eaten regularly at any day.